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Present Moment & Busy Minds

With awareness of the present moment, your busy mind will not be an obstacle. I heard this poem read in a meditation class, early in my mindfulness journey, and it has always stayed with me.
Lavender Tucson MBSR

Mindfulness Series Coming in July

The first three classes explore, The Mindful Communication of: Deep Listening / Clear Speaking / Group Dynamics & The fourth class of the series is: Bringing Mindfulness to Grief and Loss...

Poem from a MBSR Participant

Space. Breathing. Just breathe. Breath. The space of infinite awareness. Awareness. Eyes open. See with clarity. Feel clarity. Clarity. Silver edged space. Stillness. Freedom...

iRest Feedback

Thank you, Natasha! After being able to discuss things in class, the meditations have been even more enjoyable. It is nice to let go of ...

Day of Mindfulness

At the recent Day of Mindfulness practice it was almost 80 degrees. It made for lovely walking meditation and fresh air in the room, yet I found myself ...
The Fruitful Darkness: An Evening of Mindfulness Practice

Holidays 2013

While considering a holiday message I came across these words of Thich Nhat Hanh, When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment ...

To cry or not to cry?

I have one more question I've meant to ask in reaction to what you said about meditation and crying several sessions ago - and now that this course is drawing to an end ...

What is hard about being present

What is hard about being present? Research seems to indicate that when we develop this basic embodied presence, we are integrating brain functions and naturally ...
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