Deep Listening – Mindful Communication

Deep Listening is a wonderful expression used by Thich Nhat Hanh to describe the potential of a more conscious form of communication.  Through mindfulness training we learn how to listen and attend to ourselves in skillful ways, from this place we are able to hear others clearly and respond appropriately.  In a simple way, deep listening has the potential to alleviate our sense of isolation and suffering.

In this mindful communication seminar we will explore 3 basic practices that refresh our listening skills and remind us how to be a good friend, to ourselves and to others.

  • We will play with our sense of hearing, the ability to use sound as a stabilizing and evocative object of meditation.
  • We will reflect on the impact that good listeners have had on our life. Would we be who we are if not for certain people who listened to?
  • And, we will engage new habits of listening from an integrated, present moment state of being. Our simple intention to be present, curious, and kind is often enough to have a positive effect.

If a class does not appear on the Schedule Page, it is not on the near term schedule. Private sessions may be arranged in the interim.

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